Eternal Love S925 sterling silver bracelet

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Radiant Elegance: s925 Sterling Silver Bracelet

Elevate your style with our s925 Sterling Silver Bracelet – a timeless piece meticulously crafted for those who appreciate the allure of sterling silver and the sparkle of zircon. This bracelet is a perfect union of sophistication and charm, setting the stage for radiant elegance.

- Chain Length: 16+3cm
- Material: 925 Sterling Silver + Zircon; All materials meet European and American environmental standards

Matters Needing Attention:
General jewellery maintenance methods apply, especially waterproof and moisture-proof practices. If stored in a warehouse, it is recommended to use plastic wrap or plastic bags to slow down oxidation, ensuring the enduring beauty of your precious piece.

Key Features:
- Name: s925 Sterling Silver Bracelet
- Material: 925 Sterling Silver + Zircon
- Chain Length: 16+3cm
- Weight: 3 grams
- Environmental Standards: European and American

Radiate Timeless Beauty:
Adorn your wrist with the enchanting allure of sterling silver and the brilliance of zircon. Our s925 Sterling Silver Bracelet is more than jewellery; it's a testament to your refined taste and a timeless expression of radiant elegance.

As you wear this exquisite piece, embrace the timeless beauty it brings, and follow the recommended care tips to preserve its allure for years to come.